所以你决定第一次探索奥斯汀. 首先,不错的选择! 被誉为“南方最酷的首都”,” there’s no shortage of stuff to pique your interest in 奥斯丁—from browsing hole-in-the-wall record stores to attending the biggest 科技/music/culture conference in the country, SXSW音乐节.

但是我们明白. With so many festivals and live music gigs to see, BBQ and taco stands to try, and dozens of 大幅削减 那些老游客可能会推荐给你的, nailing down the right itinerary for your first-time visit can be intimidating.

That’s why 万家乐时时彩登录网站 has put together this guide to all the 奥斯丁 essentials for first-timers:



虽然它不像其他德州城市那样杂乱无章 达拉斯沃斯堡 or 休斯顿尽管如此,奥斯汀市仍然相对分散且不连贯. 换句话说, 除非你打算把所有时间都花在一个社区, 你需要一个可靠的交通计划.



奥斯丁’s public transit system is one of the top-rated in the state and includes a light rail and public buses. 票价1美元起.每趟25英镑,路线覆盖大部分市区和中心社区.

唯一的缺点? Service around the outskirts of the city (especially on the far west and east sides) is relatively sparse, 乘坐万家乐时时彩登录进出城市是一项挑战. 就像任何公共交通系统一样, 不能保证一定能抢到座位, 因此,更大的群体可能无法容纳在一种工具中. +, 如果这是你第一次来这个城市, your group members may not want to spend time memorizing a new public transit map in an unfamiliar city.


Fun fact: rideshare services like Uber and Lyft were once banned in 奥斯丁—though you wouldn’t know it by their popularity here today. 现在, 单人旅行者和6人以下的旅游团都可以通过优步叫车, Lyft, 以及当地非营利组织Ride 奥斯丁, 以及像黄色出租车这样的传统出租车服务.

That being said, these services can become scarce and expensive during big events and festivals. 也, needing to hail a ride to and from each location on your itinerary can be inconvenient, especially if you’re traveling with a larger group and need to split into multiple vehicles just to get around.


听着,我们可能有偏见. 但是,如果要让一大群人在城市里搬家,租一个 宪章总线 or 小型万家乐时时彩登录 is likely the easiest transportation option for your passengers. With everyone in the same vehicle and a professional driver handling all the navigation and parking logistics for you, 每个人都可以在目的地之间放松,享受船上的设施. 当你通过德克萨斯包车公司订票时, we will help you build the perfect routes and schedules to suit your itinerary—so your 奥斯丁 bus rental will arrive right when and where you need it. 给我们打个电话 , and our 24/7 reservation team will be happy to answer any questions you might have.



很可能, 如果你是第一次去奥斯汀, it will be for one of the best-known conventions in the country: South By Southwest! 对于局外人来说,很难准确地指出SXSW音乐节到底是什么. 一般来说, 这是一个音乐, 科技, 游戏, 媒体, 以及为期9到10天的影响力大会. And with such a wide variety of showcases here (from concerts to 科技 demos to actor meet-and-greets), you can imagine it draws in all kinds of people to catch a glimpse of the “next big thing.”

SXSW音乐节带来了超过150个节目,000 out-of-towners on average—which means if you’re planning to attend with a large group of presenters, 表演者, 产品开发人员, 或者只是媒体爱好者, 你会想要巩固你的行程, 住宿, 并提前运输,以避免最糟糕的激增率.



奥斯汀有很多地方可以让你享受户外的乐趣. Just keep in mind that the sweltering Texas heat is at its worst during peak summer tourism season. 所以,计划在户外活动中加入空调, 就像突然走进一家冰淇淋店, 参观一两个博物馆, 或者跳上你的租来的巴士休息一下.


地址: 德克萨斯州奥斯汀路内夫路2207号

是奥斯汀最受欢迎的地铁公园, 如果你对日光浴感兴趣,这个绿色的空间是你应该去的地方, 锻炼, 或者离开水面. 在大热天,巴顿温泉的天然水池可以缓解寒冷, 还有在科罗拉多河上划船和划皮艇.

你也不会想错过在齐尔克植物园散步的机会, 就在公园的隔壁. 漫步在宁静的日本花园, 玫瑰花园, and or even the prehistoric garden that imitates the habitats of Cretaceous-era dinosaurs! Guided group tours can be scheduled for a fee of $75 per group of 15 people, and there is a designated bus loading/unloading zone near the entrance and nearby public parking lots in Zilker公园 for your motorcoach.


地址: 奥斯汀市国会大街305号,TX 78704

Okay, so when you think of 奥斯丁, the words “bat colony” may not be the first that comes to mind. 但对于任何在4月到9月间来到这里的首次游客来说, 日落时分在国会大道大桥前驻足是绝对必要的.

这座桥是1的家.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats: the largest urban bat colony in North America. Every evening in the summer the bats can be seen swarming and flying off into the night to hunt insects—a cool and educational sight that you’ll need to see to believe. The bats fly out 30 to 60 minutes before the sun sets (anywhere between 7:30 and 9 p.m., depending on the time of year) but you’ll want to secure a good viewing spot at least an hour and a half before sunset.



奥斯汀以其非常好的餐馆而闻名,其中很多都是 group-friendly! While you’re visiting, be sure to save room for popular 奥斯丁 cuisine such as:


One of the most popular places in town to grab a brisket plate is Franklin BBQ, 市中心一家经常在下午2点前售罄的机构.m. (所以早点排队!). 如果门外的队伍太吓人, check out Stiles Switch BBQ’s daily specials of smoked prime rib and crispy chicken or the sandwiches and tacos of Interstellar BBQ.


说到玉米卷,在奥斯丁很受欢迎! Pastor lovers should check out the fresh-off-the-pit roasts of Rosita’s Al Pastor in Riverside. 渴望自制的玉米饼? Taqueria Morales can give you the hook-up—as well as barbacoa, tortas, and quesadillas. 真正的“奥斯汀”体验, sample the spicy shrimp or the bacon-wrapped fried chicken and mango tacos at Trippy 炸玉米饼.


奥斯汀的啤酒厂的场景 多样性和独特性一样吗. 所以如果你和喝酒的人一起旅行, 去镇上最好的啤酒厂逛逛应该在你的日程表上. 作为额外的好处, many of the more popular brewpubs are serviced by food trucks—another 奥斯丁 foodie staple with tons of options to please a large group of drinking buds.



奥斯汀被称为“世界现场音乐之都”是有原因的. 所以,如果你是第一次来到这座城市,有一个空闲的晚上, 你们小组不会想错过的 奥斯丁的夜生活 在众多的流行音乐厅观看现场表演.

Rainey Street is a major hub for nightlife and live shows during SXSW音乐节—just keep in mind that it does get a bit crowded and full of tourists during major events. Sixth Street (lovingly referred to as the “Dirty Sixth” by locals and veteran visitors) is home to plenty of dive bars and hole-in-the-wall lounges that often feature local acts and cheap drink specials. Most of the city’s top clubs and concert venues are relatively close together, 所以要建立一个酒吧 小型万家乐时时彩登录 穿梭与专业驱动程序作为你的DD应该是一个微风!



现在 that you have an idea of how to tackle your group’s first-time visit to 奥斯丁, 是时候制定计划了! You can trust the 万家乐时时彩登录网站 team to ease your group transportation in and around 奥斯丁, 这样每个人都能集中精力充分利用他们的旅行. 给我们打个电话   当你有了员工人数和宽松的行程安排时, and one of our 24/7 reservation specialists will be happy to connect you with the ideal 宪章总线 rental for your needs. 我们甚至会为你提供免费的个性化服务 报价 为你的奥斯汀巴士租赁,没有义务预订!