Hilbroy Advisory: Portugal seeks bailout as Europe debt crisis spreads

Montreal, Quebec, April 6, 2011- Hilbroy Advisory Inc. (DeutcheBörse: 2H0) Hilbroy Advisory Reports: Portugal asked for a bailout Wednesday to relieve its crushing debt, joining Greece and Ireland by becoming the third eurozone nation to seek outside help amid a bruising financial crisis.

Prime Minister Jose Socrates went on national television to announce that Portugal must take international assistance to save its rapidly deteriorating economy, after months of insisting that he would not ask for a bailout.

Socrates said his caretaker government asked “for financial help, to ensure financing for our country, for our financial system and for our economy.”

He did not say how much Portugal would seek, but analysts have predicted Portugal will need up to euro80 billion ($114 billion). That amount is bearable for Europe’s finances unless other nations – notably Spain – end up asking for help.

Portugal urgently needs the rescue because it has been forced to pay increasingly unsustainable interest rates to persuade investors to buy its debt. Banks from Spain to Germany are heavily exposed to the possibility of a Portuguese default, which would threaten the very existence of the zone.

But analysts believe a package to save Portugal will be crafted by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said in a statement after Socrates’ announcement that Portugal’s request “will be processed in the swiftest possible manner.”

About Hilbroy Advisory Inc.
Hilbroy Advisory Inc. is a Canadian based advisory and consultancy services company founded in 2000. Our Company provides publicly traded and private companies, institutions and individuals with a series of advisory services enabling these companies to fully reach their corporate objectives and potential.
Our specialists will customize a service package that includes reviewing, identifying and recommending a series of specific action and tasks that help their clients’ management decisions when seeking
• Go Public strategy,
• Debt and or equity financing
• Identify prospective investors
• Hire investor relations firm
• Cross listing decisions
• Planning road-shows and promotional campaigns.
Hilbroy Advisory has established numerous international relationships over the years with Broker Dealers, Hedge Funds, Institutional Investors, High net worth Investors as well as with investor relations firms and consultants. These relationships are made available to all Hilbroy clients and our team will manage the relationships from introduction to post financing activities.

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A number of factors may affect our future results and may cause those results to differ materially from those indicated in any forward-looking statements made by us or on our behalf. Such factors include our limited operating history; our need for significant capital to finance internal growth as well as strategic acquisitions; our ability to attract and retain key employees and strategic partners; our ability to achieve and maintain profitability; fluctuations in the trading price and volume of our stock; competition from other providers of similar products and services; and other unanticipated future events and conditions.

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Hilbroy Advisory Inc. is a Canadian based advisory and consultancy services company founded in 2000. Our Company provides publicly traded and private companies, institutions and individuals with a series of advisory services enabling these companies to fully reach their corporate objectives and potential.

Las Vegas Printer finds success the old fashioned way

Practicing the forgotten form of true online customer service over machine automation spells success for Las Vegas Printer. Using a quick quote form provides a bankable price solution for longtime commercial printer.

Quick Quotes Provide Print Customers with Missing Personal Touch

Jim Simmons, Founder of Spectrum Color Printing, chooses to provide a personal touch using a quick quote form on his print companies website rather then using pricing calculators right now until Jim integrates calculators with much needed personal touch features and here’s why.

Ever since entering the printing business back in 1985, Jim continues to break the mold that exists today in the way many printing companies operate. While competitors continue to ramp up their online presence, spend ridiculous amounts of money on trying to create the perfect ‘buy from me now’ online print systems and provide a name before being let in among other intrusive forms of automated email capturing all designed to drive a would be customer to a online shopping cart has Jim scratching his head.

The question Jim asks over and over again when approached by, you got to do this, do that, get this, get that and do it now by seasoned web and internet marketing specialist is “where’s the personal touch”. To this day Jim is still waiting for the answer.

Jim did not just walk out of a cave. He says, I’ve been at this for most of my life and what I’m seeing is an industry shift to what he calls the ‘give it to me now’ ideals. Well, for Spectrum Color Printing and Mailing, that is not what it’s about. To Jim, it’s about providing a service, a value and knowing exactly what your customer wants while competing online.

Does a Printing Price Calculator get it Right?

Why utilize a print calculator by its self? It may produce a price but does it necessarily produce the desired result. Spectrum prefers to swim against the current and offer some non-automated systems which address the customer’s true needs via a Quick Quote form. A form where the client or potential customer may receive a price rather quickly but also receive intangibles that include all costs associated with custom design, special requirements, packaging, shipping, delivery and most importantly, fulfillment.

To know what the customer expects and to fulfill those expectations takes simple effective communication which maybe turned around faster then one may think while still offering more value then pricing calculators which seem to only drive a customer to a shopping cart.

A Personal Touch Provides the Right Price

Offering a personal touch may not be the norm these days but at Spectrum Color Printing it’s what they do best. To provide the customers with real pricing for the type of print product or service they desire. To achieve the end result both parties strive for takes a personal touch.

So far Jim’s methods of practicing the long forgotten form of customer service have paid off. Customers become loyal clients, the products and services are exactly what the customer sought out and the added personal touch delivers much needed answers to some important relevant questions and recommendations a calculator just can not provide

What Do You Prefer, Human Verses Machine?

Jim asked the question what do you prefer, a fast accurate price which includes recommendations or a machine giving you a price and taking your order? Jim does have a point. Why not produce a fair price that assures a customer a given result verses a price without assurance.

Spectrum Color Printing will continue to set the bar high, offer new cutting edge solutions like QR code printing while incrementally implementing the right technology which best serves the customer first. We would rather earn a loyal customer by addressing and understanding their true needs and delivering upon those print needs verses a hit and run calculator hoping a machine gets it right.

Integrated Print Pricing Calculators Combined with Personal Touch Spells Success

Jim did not rule out calculators all together, saying these types of solutions are on the table but until Spectrum Color Printing integrates them with interactive designs and check list defaults to assure a connection with the personal touch all bets are off the table. The old saying rings true at Spectrum you only have one chance to make a good impression or get it right and that’s what we do best at the same time Jim points out were not offering products off the shelf were providing custom print solutions.

Providing the right price fast, getting it right, producing the orders to customer specs delivering on time and maintaining open line of communication continues to spell success for this Las Vegas based printer, Spectrum Color Printing and Mailing.

About the Author

Since 1985, Spectrum has provided better printing and service to nearly 5000 small business marketers, business owners and graphic designers. Spectrum combines state-of-the-art capabilities and the industry’s best digital and offset sheet fed and web printing equipment with experienced print professionals and color specialists to deliver quality, consistent color matching and 99.8 percent on-time delivery. Spectrum is your success story!


Promoting Your Charity Auctions

As a successful charity auctioneer, I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to my sales and marketing person. On many occasions I have personally witnessed my salesperson, tirelessly working on the telephone and internet, in his relentless pursuit of new business. From sun up to sun down, he often works nonstop. He is my agent and staunch supporter in promoting my fundraising auction business. If it were not for him, then my business would not exist! Who is this person? Me!

Why do so very few charity auctions get the public’s attention? In the vast majority of cases the nonprofits have not learned how to promote themselves, and unfortunately this is a skill set that must be developed over time. Whether your nonprofit is new to the charity auction scene or a veteran at producing charity auctions, as we all know a little brings little results and is a complete waste of your time. Sure, you can place advertisements in periodicals, and if you are lucky you will get a couple of phone calls that land some interest as a result of your ads. You can even create an event specific web site. There again, if you are lucky, you will receive a few referrals.

Do you know how to drive internet traffic to your web site? Submitting your web site to search engines is a great start. Is your web site optimized for search results? Have you asked your nonprofits patrons, as well as sponsors to feature links on their web sites? Now you are successfully driving traffic to your web site.

My fellow fundraising professionals and development officers, do you see where I am going with this line of questioning? I am trying to get you to think about this most important question: “Who is responsible for bringing in the business for your special event fundraiser?” YOU! It is you! Your passion and your drive is what guarantee’s your success! Now you know the secret ingredient to your success. What do you do next?

Develop a marketing plan. Target the business you are pursuing and focus on your objective. “Guest Development” is also a good idea as well, as you want to get the right bidders to attend your charity auctions. Now start calling those businesses working in your target demographic to solicit auction items and sponsorships. A direct marketing plan, focused on your nonprofit’s supporters, is a terrific initial solution in alerting them to your fundraiser. An email blast regarding the upcoming auction is another possibility. Snail mail still offers only a 1% positive response rate. When business is slow, send out email or paper newsletters to your nonprofit patrons letting them know what you are doing. Always thank your bidders for attending your charity auctions.

Do you want all of my secrets? Ok, a few more. Network! Network! Network (huge hint)! Forbes magazine states that networking is the single most successful marketing tool utilized by millionaires today. You can network at clubs, organizations, businesses, churches, restaurants, or the gym, etc. Don’t forget press releases, social media (Facebook and Twitter, etc.), and also public service announcements on both radio and television stations. Remember special event fundraisers are friend-raisers and provide the tangible means for people to discover your nonprofit organization.

Is your charity actively involved and seen by the public in the community you serve? The more they see your organization at work, then the more they will get to know you and remember you. Whether you are conducting a charity auction as a special event fundraiser or teaching (hint) the public about your nonprofit’s vital work, these are opportunities to be seen. Take advantage of every lucrative opportunity that comes your way. Perhaps the best advertising and promotion we receive is, “word of mouth advertising”. The success of your charity auction or special event fundraiser is terrific advertising in and of itself.

About the Author

Tom DiNardo is a Benefit Auctioneer and founder of DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers. He is also certified master appraiser, expert witness, and sommelier and wine educator. To contact Tom, please visit http://www.DiNardoandLordAuctioneers.com or call (888) 503-0828. © 2010 Tom DiNardo – All rights reserved.

Outsourced Marketing Tips: Get Reputation Management Help

One of the most important aspects about marketing today is reputation management and an outsourced marketing firm can help you manage your reputation and gather valuable info from it. Read on to find out why this is so important and how having someone manage it for you can help you grow and succeed in business.

Today’s shoppers have a new savvy about them. Fewer people than ever are impulse buyers. Due to the advent of the internet, people can review, compare, and select items without the help of a sales person. They know how to find out what meets their needs through a few keystrokes. Capitalising on this fact can result in your putting your company and your brand in a position to gain substantial market share. Paying attention to your reputation can help you fine tune it over time. Even if you’re known as a quality in your niche, you can become known as the best and encourage a reputation that becomes a source of word-of-mouth marketing (which is the best because it’s free and it will go viral online)But how do you ensure you’re what the consumer finds as the best choice when you have a business to run?

Outsourced marketing firms will do many things for a business and reputation management is one of those things certain firms can specialise in. They can help you solicit testimonials, gather market intelligence, gather competitive information, optimise good reviews, and help you use this in research and development, in helping you strategise, and in helping you gather business intelligence so that you can continually position your business so that you become known as "best in class".

Whether you’re a small company looking to appeal to the locals or a national brand who wants to achieve and maintain top spot, managing your online reputation well is going to help you reach your goals. Consumer today don’t just go to the internet to look for brand spec comparisons but they also read comments as well as comment on social networking sites that can influence the decisions of future potential customers. You can’t stop anyone from posting negative feedback if there’s something negative to be said but you can accentuate the positives, learn from the negatives so that you improve your business model, and interact online so that you help deliver the right branding messages. Your participation in the world of social media can help you attract new customers, set the right tone, and improve on your reputation substantially.

A specialised outsourced marketing consultancy with a demonstrated track record in this industry and in brand management can help you.

About the Author

A marketing consultant for many years, Chris Jenkinson specialises in marketing advice and outsourced marketing services. He provides further advice about consulting services on the GizTheBiz blog.

How NOT to Manage Online Outsourced Business Marketing

When you decide to outsource online business marketing, you are making a smart decision to get resources you currently don’t have to do a job that needs doing. Too many companies that do not have marketing expertise just don’t do much marketing. The result is stunted business growth and in many cases, loss of market share — especially if your industry has competition that does do marketing quite well. Finding ways to outsource online marketing can help you ensure your website gets traffic and the right traffic can translate to profits.

By outsourcing your business marketing needs to a professional, you free up your company’s resources to allow you to continue to do what you do well. Marketing activities can bring in new business and help you maximise the potential for future sales with existing customers as well. Marketing doesn’t just help you grow but helps you sustain changes in the market place. But before you outsource your marketing to just anyone, you’ll want to be sure that you don’t make critical judgement errors that could cost you money and do more harm than good.

Types of Traffic

What sorts of traffic is a marketing company promising to bring you? Not all web-based traffic is equal. A skilled marketing company knows how to attract the type of traffic that is most likely to buy from you. They will do research to figure out how to appeal to your target demographic. The wrong marketing consultant may help you get generic traffic but will that do much good? Probably not.

Black Hat Marketing

Some marketers promise to get you great results with your website by making tweaks and changes. But if they are using “black hat” techniques, the results will be very short lived and could result in your site being blacklisted with search engines. Search engines have rules and guidelines that they look at when ranking websites and sending traffic and any attempt to “game” the system can have dire consequences. When looking at which marketing company and which marketing approach to take, be sure that the company you are dealing with is not using anything considered, by search engines, to be unethical.

Too Aggressive

Whilst aggression is necessary in business, being too aggressive with online marketing could result in problems. Privacy laws need to be followed and the wrong approach with potential customers will turn them “off” and leave your company looking like a run-of-the-mill spammer. Be cautious that your marketer follows ethical guidelines with respect to customer contact, mailing lists, and general marketing practises.

Campaigns that are too aggressive in nature could also mean trouble for your business. You need to be able to cope with increasing volumes and a skilled consultant can help you reach targeted growth objectives that are at a manageable level. Too much / too soon and you could fail miserably with new customers and old customers as well.

A specialised outsourced business marketing company or consultant will know how to handle marketing at a pace and level that will be comfortable for you and for your customers and that will help you reach your business goals without jeopardising your reputation or any inroads you have already made with your online audience.

About the Author

If you’re looking for advice about outsourcing business marketing from a business marketing and consulting specialist, Chris Jenkinson has been providing consultancy services for many years. He provides further advice about marketing and business consulting services on the Giz the Biz Blog.

Why Sticker Printing is considered as Source of Effective Advertisement

Most printing materials are worn for marketing and dissimilar purposes these days. A very prominent type of those printing materials is the stickers. The custom sticker printing contain now become a very crucial part of approximately all marketing and promotional campaign in the market. These print resources are really helpful as their cost when shaped and printed is extremely short yet their return in investment is low when it approach to building customer dealings and business income generation.

Stickers make a center of attention of broad viewers. A good sticker must to be appealing sufficient to stay it away from being terrified in the waste bin. The dissimilarity between the two is that once a sticker is sensible in visible position such as musical instruments, cars, notebooks, or luggage. It has the possible to be clever to be seen and draw concentration of additional people as fine.

If you think bumper sticker printing, you will discover that there are really plenty of excellent ideas to create them creative and unique. You can in fact show off your possess personal style or the style that you desire your business to offer. This creates it easy to give those who see your stickers a good thought what your company is all about.

Some of the products that we observe in the market contain customized designs that are imprinted on the outside whilst some are posted on products or stuff. Vinyl is a material that is favored to be used since it offers toughness and adds to the life of tags. The prints could be posted by making use of glue as well as extra stuff. If the significance of these tiny stickers is realized and there is modification complete in the means they are created so that efficiently they can draw customers then it could do speculate for you and your company. It is significant that particular care is given to the quality of prints.

General idea is that stickers are for fun not promotional materials. People today are careful of advertising and promotional materials that are known to them on a daily basis. So one of the biggest powers of a sticker is that, it is not typically percept as a promotional article. That is why when a person locates your sticker interesting, they willingly apply it to exterior they see fit – adding it to a collection, a opus of stickers, or accentuating the devise of the surface. In this way, the aesthetics of your stickers unaided can give free advertising for your company.

At the end of the day, custom folder printing is just an excellent thought. You deserve the top possible chance at achievement with your business, even if you can’t afford to struggle with corporate huge in advertising costs. You don’t require million dollar advertising when you proffer great products and services you merely need people to study that you are there. When you have a huge company, once a customer discover you, you can rest assured that they will be reverse. By offering bumper stickers, you make sure that your customers can simply recommend you not only to people you identify, but yet to total strangers, which can actually help you get your name out there in a big method

About the Author

Sticker printing
Custom folder Printing
Custom sticker printing

Putting Your Best Face Forward: Keeping Your Realtor Image Professional

Most Realtors understand the importance of creating a professional personal image to further their career; they spend time and money on dressing well, driving a nice car, and keeping their interactions with clients businesslike on the phone and in person. However, what some agents forget is that what they say or post online with their name attached to it will also contribute to how prospective or current clients view them.

While it’s certainly well within your legal rights to say almost anything at all, it is not always a wise decision to express your strong opinions on religious or political issues on any media where your professional name is attached to it. Just like you probably wouldn’t discuss your personal views on religious or political matters with potential clients, it’s generally a bad idea to do the same thing in an online forum as well. It is a matter of good business to keep your opinions about non-real estate issues to yourself when you are engaged in professional matters and keep your opinion about things like that relegated to your private life.

The social networking sites that you use for professional purposes-whether they are Facebook, Twitter, or just blogging-remember that this is your professional face and it makes good business sense to maintain an image that shows that you are unbiased, non-discriminatory, and fair with your clients. Just as a staged home showcases a property in a good light that can appeal to the largest number of buyers possible, your professional image should appeal to the broadest base of prospective clients by allowing just about anyone to be able to relate to you.

Many professional people in a variety of different vocations use online networking sites that are open to the public as their business presence online and a private account that is closed to everyone but their family and close friends as their personal account where they can express themselves freely. This strategy allows them the freedom of expression while still maintaining their professional image that is so productive for gaining new clients.

Remember, just because you CAN say or do something doesn’t mean it’s a good idea when you are a professional who relies on your business image to make a living. If you express extreme opinions about hot current topics then you risk alienating many people who may be looking to hire a realtor. Show your professional face instead and be approachable to a wider variety of potential clients; you’ll be glad you did!

About the Author

Work with a qualified, dedicated agent for your Daniel Island real estate purchase. Find the ideal Charleston S.C. home at BuyingCharlestonRealEstate.com.

Las Vegas Convention Press Releases

A press release is a key component of every Las Vegas convention experience. At the very least you’ll want to use public relations to announce the details of your convention booth, express key Las Vegas marketing information, explain to the community and media what will be on display at your booth and much more.

So what do you need to know? Well, PR is a great tool for your sales and marketing people to help promote products, services and your Las Vegas convention booth. A press release can be used to announce to the community or the world about a new product or service that you have to offer at the convention. But PR can do so much more, including:

Introduction Of A New Business – Using a press release to announce a new business can have a great impact on the success of your company.

Announce Convention Details – Inform customers, convention attendees, vendors, the community and media details about your convention booth, products being displayed, key staff in attendance, convention speaking engagements and more.

Announce New Clients – When you close a deal with a new client, issuing PR can do wonders for your business especially if your new client is well recognized.

Announce New Products And Services – Notifying potential and existing clients of new products and services can be done quickly with PR.

Some businesses can get a little confused about where to publish their Las Vegas convention press release. Keep your eyes open! Distribution opportunities are everywhere. Be sure to publish your convention public relations in convention materials, in trade magazines and publications, online, on your website and more. Also be sure to include copies of your press release to hand out at the convention or to include in press kits for the media and prospective customers.

The internet is a wonderful resource that opens trade doors to the world and makes it easy for you to publish your press release online as part of your Las Vegas marketing. You will find clients contacting you from around the world inquiring about your products or services. There are many different sites that you can post your press release, many of them at no cost. Performing a simple search will yield thousands of links.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are also great avenues for your company to reach out to customers and prospects. Social media can be very effective in promoting your Las Vegas convention and should be a part of your Las Vegas marketing.

Creating a press release for your Las Vegas convention is an important component to promoting your business, your products and services and maximizing your investment in your convention attendance. Used appropriately, public relations is a simple but effective marketing tool.

Copyright 2011 Formulis, LLC. All rights reserved.

Notice: Publishers may republish this article, provided the article is used in its entirety and without modification; including copyright notice, author biography and all website hyperlinks.

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Formulis, LLC is a Las Vegas marketing and Las Vegas convention support firm founded in 2003. Visit our Las Vegas Marketing and Las Vegas Convention for marketing and convention marketing solutions. Check out Formulis to see what we’ve done for clients in Las Vegas and across the country.

Platform Selling Technique 4 Building Trust

I’ll like to reveal to you how to gain immediate trust with your audience within the first few minutes of your presentation and how to use this trust to generate income.

People like people who are like them. And people believe and trust people they like.

People buy from people that like and trust… its that simple. If the audience don’t trust they wont buy from you… you will be ineffective and you wont make money…

If you’re one of those people who people just don’t like… then I would work on that as it’s paramount to the speaking industry to be liked, that doesn’t mean you MUST be liked but it definitely does help.

I’ve met many other speakers who aren’t that likable who have very average personalities but they still generate income and are successful as they may have other traits going for them that builds trust and generates sales. They also emphasize dearly how their product or service can help the audience and this is the reason why the audience buys from them. People don’t have to love you to buy your product or service, if you can show that you have the solution to their problems then they will embrace that.

You don’t need to have a big “out there” personality to survive in this industry but you need a little personality to succeed.

Try to discover attitudes, likes, dislikes, family backgrounds, experiences, personality virtues or quirks, careers, goals, or values that you have in common with others; then emphasize those commonalities. People reason that if you’re like them in some ways, you’re probably like them in other ways. Therefore, they begin to transfer trust as friend to friend.

If you speaking to a very family oriented audience you want to mention your family, and empathize your family values your wife or husband and kids very early on in your presentation, and people can relate to that and this instantly builds trust and likability.

I’ll talk to you soon,

Your friend, Alex Ryan

To watch 10+ FREE Video Trainings On Being a Better Speaker & Selling From The Stage check out : http://www.SpeakerTrainingVideos.com

About the Author

Alex Coulson has been a core leader in the ever evolving dating industry, he holds cutting-edge dating workshops/courses every weekend around Australia and regularly holds dating seminars on attracting women internationally.

Big Rocks Revisited

Have you heard that story about the teacher who showed his students how to get a sizable amount of big rocks, little rocks, sand and water into a jar, as long as they put the big rocks in first? The analogy was that the big rocks are your most important relationships and they deserve your first consideration.

With the pace of life today and the demands of both the online and offline worlds, how many of us can really be certain we’re giving our most important relationships priority? Typically we’re hounded on the phone, email, mail and social media by people who are either strangers or far from our inner circle. Yet these folks can easily consume a lot of our daily attention.

Social science suggests we can only have around ten close personal relationships at a time. This matches what I learned at a recent conference: on average only 10 people will cry at your funeral. And of those who attend, 50% will look to the weather to decide if they go out to the cemetery afterwards. Can you even identify the top ten relationships in your life right now? Are you guilty of letting people who don’t matter matter?

Last year I made it a habit to write down the names of the people who are most key for my happiness and success. Then I took it a step further. I kept that list on my desk and cross referenced it to my monthly calendar. This step can be a shock if you’ve never done it before. You may find the way you spend your time is totally out of alignment with who is most important to you. If this is the case, seeing things in black and white can help you fix that.

TIP: This quarter, why not identify your top ten relationships and periodically see if your calendar reflects your priorities. And look for ways to make yourself less available to the others. Let some calls go to voicemail. Don’t answer every email, just click delete. Take a social media fast every now and then. Trust me, you will miss very little of importance. Put the energy into your big rocks instead and let me know what happens.

This article may be reprinted when the copyright and author bio are included.

©2010 Barbara Wayman, BlueTree Media, LLC.

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Barbara Wayman, APR, president of BlueTree Media, LLC, publishes The Stand Out Newsletter, an award-winning monthly ezine for people who want to know how to leverage the power of marketing and public relations. Get your free subscription today at http://BlueTreeMedia.com